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Dear Customer,

We do apologize for down time it was suddenly unexpected.

We have migrated to a new stable panel with all data also reloaded.

All apps and m3u based playlist, portal, web player are working as before.

Mac ID devices (clear cache/restart modem):
- p1.giffy.be
- p5.giffy.be:8080/c
- stb.snap1.tv
- box.snap.1tv

Line/M3u accounts:
- You will not need to update your line. Please get it from the panel and use this output HLS or MPEGTS

How to update your playlist:
Old M3u: http://p5.giffy.be:8080/get.php?username=XXX&password=XXX&type=m3u&output=ts

New M3u: http://p5.giffy.be:8080/get.php?username=XXX&password=XXX&type=m3u&output=mpegts 

Replace 'XXX' with your respect username and password. You can see in bold you only have to change 'ts' to 'mpegts' and you will be all set.

Reseller Panel:
- http://panel.giffy.be
- http://panel.snap1.tv

Note: Resellers and customers will be compensated for time lost. Once we are restored with our content, we will attend to all messages and tickets and with more inforation. Please contact us through reseller panel tickets if urgent.

— The Team